It’s a Funny Little Thing. . .

I’ve been seriously into photography for more years than I care to remember (over 30years), starting as most do with a SLR – a Canon T70 to be exact, gorgeous camera, which was very capable.

Anyway, I kept shooting with that until the DSLR had reached a decent level and purchased a newly launched Canon EOS 10D, again an absolutely stunning camera (in it’s day).

I went the usual route, buying into the Mega Pixel myth that more was better and ended up with a Canon 1D MKII and a Canon 1Ds MKII, both fantastic cameras in their days. I was planning on upgrading to a 1D MKIII, but focus issues with than line meant I went a different route. I went Nikon with a D3.

To cut a long story short, the promise of digital was for lighter more compact cameras with stunning image quality, which hasn’t really happened. The camera body got bigger wider and fatter = heavier. The lenses got bigger fatter and heavier. Both combined to make a day out shooting an absolute pain, literally in my case with tennis elbow in both elbows. It seriously got to the point I could barely hold a camera steady.

Being a keen tech head, I had kept my eye on the Mirror less world, I had tried out the very first Olympus E-P1 when it was launched and the image quality was pretty good up to @800 ISO. Any higher needed converted to B&W to help hide the noise, but it did create a great looking B&W shot.

Focus was slow and even with smaller lenses, it was still bulky to carry around although, my elbows thanked me for the lower weight of kit.

I tried a few other mirror less models over the years, Olympus O-MD E-M5 and Fujifilm X-Pro 1, both excellent cameras, but still, I needed a few lenses to swap out for a days shooting.

Then something incredible happened. Sony launched the RX100. Now I know that the RX100 is an old camera by todays standards, after all Sony are on the 3rd incarnation of the RX100, but I’ve been shooting one for a little while now and wanted to state online, that this is an incredible little camera.

I bought mine second hand on eBay, it’s immaculate and works perfectly. The image quality is stunning for such a small, and it is small, pocket rocket.

You can pick this up brand new for @£290.00 and bang for buck, I don’t think anything out there matches is for quality. A top notch Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar lens and 20.2MP sensor.

It fits in your pocket easily and can be with you everywhere you go with absolutely no pain involved. It’s also fun to shoot with. This is something that had been taken away from my photography with the ever increasing body and lens sizes. Photography became a chore, but with this little Sony RX100, it’s become a joy again. I’m now remembering why I loved photography and I’m wanting to go out with it to shoot.

So, with all the choices out there for DSLR or Mirror less bodies, the pricey lenses galore, it turns out that a tiny compact point and shoot, with many pro features, for under £300 is my go to camera!

Who would have thought it. . . It’s a funny little thing.


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