Apple Watch: A Sceptic’s View

Way back in September of 2014, Apple took to the stage and gave a ‘preview’ of their newest device. . .The Apple Watch!

The audience gave the required responses, an ‘Ooh’ here and ‘Ah’ there as Kevin Lynch, went through what the Watch would be able to offer. I watched the live streaming Keynote, with a little disappointment. That was it? A Watch? That’s one expensive iPhone accessory that nobody would need! I thought to myself.

I spoke with a friend after the event was over, and he was all excited about the Watch and was somewhat puzzled by my lack of enthusiasm for it. I’d been an Apple die hard far longer than he had, but it just didn’t ‘do’ anything for me.

Now, at this point, I will declare that I am a watch wearer, I have worn watches all my life and feel somewhat naked without one on my wrist.

Time went by and the pre-order launch date got closer, so, at 08:01a.m on the 10th April 2015, I hit ‘Buy’ on the Apple Store App on my iPhone 6 and had my Apple Watch pre-ordered. A 42mm Sport with White Sport Band. I started to feel more than a little excited when the confirmation email came through from Apple giving me a delivery date of 24th April – 8th May 2015.

The official launch date was the 24th April, and reports had been made that stock was extremely limited and that there would be no stock in the physical Apple Stores for punters to buy. I was lucky I had mine secured, but was still unsure about where this device would fit into my life.

April 24th arrived, with a message from my Courier telling me my delivery would be between 11:36 and 12:36 that day. I hadn’t bought anything else, so it must be the Watch and right enough, at 11:56 I had my Apple Watch Sport box in hand.

My first thought was ‘it’s huge!’. These things are boxed very well. The box is massive and full of unboxing theatre, something Apple has become famous for over the years.

A dedicated tear strip allowed me to open the outer brown packing box, which once opened, revealed the cellophane wrapped white ‘official’ Apple Watch box inside. I carefully opened the wrapping and slid the lid of the box up to reveal the white Apple Watch case inside. Again a dedicated tear strip allowed access to the tech inside. Once opened I was faced with the Watch. ‘It’s tiny!’ I thought. SO much packing for suck a compact and sleek device.

Further unwrapping of protective plastic strips over virtually every shiny surface in the box, revealed  a beautifully crafted and stunning piece of technology.

I quickly started the Watch up and got my iPhone 6 ready to pair via the Apple Watch App. Pairing was incredibly easy and went without issue.

The native apps all worked well, I quickly customised my chosen watch face with all the complications, (screen features on the watch face) battery level, activity monitor, weather, calendar and timer, set the screen colour to match my chosen sport band (white originally, but I have since bought the green sport band too – nothing wrong with a quick swap). I had notifications coming through to my wrist almost immediately. I instantly started to like the ease at which I could sort through the junk that my iPhone used to notify me off throughout the day, but so easy on the Watch.

The Apple Watch has become an invaluable addition to my day to day life. I spend less time peering at my iPhone and more time getting on with other things I used to have to stop doing to deal with on the iPhone. A quick glance and touch to delete or dismiss or respond is all it takes. Spoken responses converted to word are easy and accurate (mostly) and ‘Hey Siri’ works like a charm.

So, here we are, several weeks on and as an admitted sceptic about the Apple Watch, I am now a convert. This is the best Watch I have ever owned. It is the best accessory I have ever purchased for any iOS device I have owned and it still has people asking me about it on a daily basis –’Oh is that the Apple Watch’ has become a common sentence to hear on a day to day basis.

Battery Power is great, I get two full days use between charges, but I bought a Spigen charge stand from Amazon for £17.99 which works a treat, so I just slip the Watch on it at bed time and it’s ready for me to get going every morning. It’s become the first thing I do in the morning. I wake up and put the Watch on, that says it all really. It has become a fully integrated part of my daily activities and I am lost without it.

So, a sceptic has been proved wrong and I’m happy to have been converted. The Watch, especially with the soon to be released Watch OS 2, will become an even more functional and integral part of many people’s day.

Should I have gone for the more expensive offerings? No. After I pre-ordered my Sport edition, I was in the Apple store looking at the more expensive Stainless Steel version. It’s nice, no doubt there, but polished Stainless Steel always shows scratches, no matter how careful the owner is. The Sport I have has been knocked and bumped as watches often are, with absolutely nothing to show for it. It still looks as good as the day I got it. Also, worth noting, the display on the Sport, is more saturated than the Stainless or stupid look at me Edition edition, I’ve read that the Sapphire display glass alters viewing angle and colour reproduction. I can’t say for sure if it does or not, but side by side, the Sport display just looks ‘better’ than the more costly offerings.

It’s your choice, I am delighted and thrilled with the one I made and, as I said it has become an invaluable part of my day. The Apple Watch is a fantastic device, which, like the original iPhone (I stood in line for), offers so much promise for the future.

So, enough from me, now ‘Hey Siri, a skinny latté please’ . . .Oh, they haven’t done an app for that yet. Oh well, I can still live in hope.


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